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Despite this exemplary academic trajectory, what makes Dorly a special human being are her unique qualities: loyalty, courage, tenderness, and tenacity. Woman, mother, sister and friend, she is endowed with profound sensitivity, a conciliatory spirit and the ability to aggregate people and ideals around a greater good. Her respect for life, in all its forms, has always guided her in search of health promotion and a better life for all. And so, in its continuous overcoming of challenges, guided by an acute scientific curiosity and its non-conformity with the paradigms and limitations of traditional medicine, in an untiring spirit and an unwavering purpose of serving collective interests, firmly carried out research based on highly diluted drugs and complex biological response modifiers. A significant part of the results of his efforts and his holistic view is presented in this book which, as an author, proposes to contribute to life, health and the construction of happiness for all.

The presence of the unexpected in my life!

Dra. Dorly de Freitas Buchi, the renowned Brazilian researcher, holds a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (Biophysics) from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. His solid academic background is reflected in the publication of several scientific articles in the field of Cell Biology. Professor, for more than 40 years at the Federal University of Paraná, she combines extensive experience in higher education, both in undergraduate and graduate courses, and effective contributions in the sphere of the university administration. Its orientation activities are remarkable, from scientific initiation to doctorate, having promoted the training of a large number of young scientists.

Paracelsus, pseudonym of Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, was born in Einsiedeln, December 17, 1493, and died in Salzburg, September 24, 1541.

He was a Swiss-German doctor, alchemist, physicist, astrologer, and occultist. He is also credited with creating the name of the element zinc, calling it zincum. Endowed with a questioning, iconoclastic and revolutionary spirit, this doctor and alchemist shook the academic structures of his time, questioning the classics and affirming the need to realize their own experiences and observations for the knowledge of science.

Paracelsist medicine is a return to the philosophy of nature, to holism. He sees the person subject to the same laws and principles that govern the universe; in his words: “As it is above, it is below.” For him, health is the result of harmony between man (microcosm) and the Universe (macrocosm). Paracelsus accepts the principle of cure by the similar and prescribes: “Scorpio escorpionem curat”. He is considered by many to be a reformer of the drug. He is also acclaimed for his achievements in Chemistry and as the founder of Biochemistry and Toxicology. He appears among scientists and reformers like Vesalius, Copernicus, and Agricola, and thus is seen as a modern. On the other hand, he always possessed an aura of mysticism and even the obscure reputation of a magician.

He returned to Salzburg in 1540, invited by the bishop of the city. He died on September 24, 1541, at the age of only 47. The cause of his death was not clarified. One hypothesis is that it would have been murder, as evidenced in the exhumation of his bones, which showed a fractured skull.

The fame of Paracelsus increased with his miraculous cures, and after his death, his fame grew even more. A century later, hundreds of Paracelsian texts were published, referring almost all to chemical drugs.

According to Paracelsus, man, the climax of creation, unites in himself all the components of the world around him as minerals, plants, animals and celestial bodies. Still according to Paracelsus “All things are poisonous and nothing is without poison; only the dose makes a thing, not a poison. ”

“Let the man have no teacher but himself.”

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