2020 – new challenges

As I mentioned earlier here on the blog, with homeopathy, we also do Science with quality, methodologically correct, reproducible and carefully evaluated. We do NOT work with beliefs, “I believe it works”, “I don’t believe in homeopathy”, and so on. Beliefs are personal, beliefs in doctrines are personal.

Homeopathy is a medical specialty, a therapy used for over 200 years, and when you say, “I don’t believe in homeopathy”, at least it sounds strange, weird; it’s like not believe in orthopedics, gynecology, etc. which are also medical specialties. Homeopathy is just another kind of treatment. Just as some people answer better to dipyrone, others to paracetamol, others to homeopathy. So, if you like it or not, with Homeopathy good science is also made.

And with all the technology that exists today, with all the financial resources mobilized by the pharmaceutical industry, humanity remains without medicines that act directly against viruses. Be it new viruses like Covid-19, not new as dengue or HIV, or simple flu.

Viruses are fought with drugs that fight them indirectly, such as painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs (which block inflammation = defense) and are not always successful. We see this impotence of current medicine even in simple viruses like the annual flu.

The doctor usually prescribes rest and good nutrition, since it is necessary for the organism to defend itself. The doctor needs to bet that his patient’s organism will react while being treated with palliatives. When the virus is stable, mutate less, vaccines become the main prevention tools, as is the case, for example, with measles.

But some viruses, in addition to constantly changing, are able to hide inside defense cells, for example, the CD8 lymphocytes or memory cells, and return in the same organism, whenever the immune system is depressed, such as herpes virus. So Covid19, this new pandemic, with a virus that still has an unknown behavior, generates many uncertainties. Will the produced antibodies generate permanent immunity like mumps or measles?

Or is it hiding inside our cells to reappear another day?

Based on what the international press reported of the occurrences in some countries, there are suggestions that immunity is not permanent, it would be like the flu, where some people get sick two or three times a year and need to be revaccinated periodically because of the mutations.

There are also suggestions that it can be latent and reappear when there are appropriate conditions. The fact is that the attention of scientists, and the pharmaceutical industry is focused on the observation of this virus.

And the fact is that there is a homeopathic complex, ANBUTA PLUS, resulting from more than 20 years of researches, which has been shown to modulate the immune system, allowing the body to react and recover.

Not blocking actions, because the inflammatory reaction is a defense reaction, and should not be blocked, but modulated because when exacerbated it causes what we call cytokines storm, which can be fatal. Therefore, this reaction must be modulated, decreasing the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, reducing pain and unwell.

Making viral multiplication difficult, identifying and destroying virus-carrying cells, leading to a decrease in viral infection, allowing the organism to regenerate, giving to scientists and pharmaceutical industry time to find a definitive path.

Best of all, ANBUTA PLUS activates the innate immune system without side effects.

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Dorly de Freitas Buchi

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