Learning to fly

Neither I nor my children had ever used homeopathic medicines. it had never been something I’d taken seriously.

When I started searching for homeopathy in the laboratory, through uncertain life destinations, my initial research was with homeopathic complexes. In the first participation in congresses “I caught up” a lot, I received a lot of criticism. For in Brazil most homeopaths are unicist and work searching for the drug in the background.

As I was beginning to enter this field, still very skeptical, I did not understand
and the technical language used by them was strange. Some doctors and I had a meeting where, very willingly, they tried to take away my doubts by answering my many questions: “What about the longer consultation time?”, “OK, but to find out which drug is in the background?” background !! ?? this does not make much sense! “.

And the example was given to me by a very kind and welcoming doctor (typical of homeopathic physicians’ posture), “if a mother arrives with a child crying with an earache, the doctor needs to solve the problem of the child’s pain soon, if not do this, the problem can get worse and that mother will never come back. ” Then they explained to me that even homeopathic physicians who seek the background medicine have the greater obligation to take the pain out of the child (solving the acute problem), something that many homeopathic medicines do easily, acting as an
anti-inflammatory by example. Once the pain is healed, then seek the unique medicine that will help the child. With this explanation, this strange therapy seemed a little more reasonable.

Link 1 – This link is to direct to Unicist Homeopathy Study Group
Link 2 – This link is a “must watch” link, about what homeopathy is!



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