The spring

The daily life offers me pleasure in several moments, among them to walk for the German class once a week.

As the class is with the conversation, integration in Switzerland, I always learn a little more effortlessly. I walk along streets with houses, shop windows, gardens, fast trains and landscapes with snowy mountains that enchant me.

They are around 1500 m with this diversity of things to be observed. And although the spring is very rainy, with rivers dangerously full, I do not see many animals typical of humid places.

But yesterday when I went to German class, I saw these 2 beautiful snails, which until now managed to escape the many predators. Yellowed with dark spots, with “healthy air” and they allowed me to fantasize if they would not be a mother and son climbing the wall to take refuge in the garden, perhaps seeking a place more protected and with food.

And further humanizing these small animals, I wished good luck, that at least this puppy escaped the many predators so frequent in the spring, each one of them seeking the survival of their offspring.