Homeopathy as an alternative

A subject gains space in discussions about combating the new coronavirus: the early treatment of Covid-19. Those who defend this measure say that it is the only way to reduce, at this moment, the deaths from the disease in the country.

However, many experts and medical entities strongly criticize these publications on early treatment and point out that there is no scientific evidence of the effectiveness of drugs against Covid-19. And it is good to clarify that, until now, there are no specific vaccines or drugs for COVID-19. Possible treatments are being investigated, which will be tested through clinical trials.

The drugs most cited in discussions about early treatment against Covid-19 are chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and azithromycin. But several of these disclosures circulating on social media are inadequate, lacking scientific evidence and misinform the public. Some even advise that these medications be used to prevent the patient from being infected with Sars-Cov-2.

They would be prophylactic, that is, similar to a vaccine. And they also claim that they have prevented many mild cases from getting worse through these medications.

Experts opposed to these treatments point out that it is not yet possible to certify that any medication is effective against the disease because there was not enough time for the necessary tests, which still need to be done in the laboratory and in humans.

They also point out that many people can claim that they recovered from the coronavirus with a certain medication, but emphasize that the lethality rate of the disease shows that the vast majority of those infected will survive Sars-Cov-2. And that many of the people who improved by taking some medication, could have improved anyway, due to the individual evolution of healing by their immune system.

For example, the fact is that individual variations in immunity allow some people to always get the flu, even if they get vaccinated every year, some to get the same flu always smoothly and other people never get the flu. With Covid-19 it would be the same.

This individual variability in immunity allows part of the population not to become contaminated, part of the population even if it does not show symptoms, and part of it to get sick and recover. Only a small fraction of the population would be fatal, with any medication or without any medication at all.

The problem is that if you are infected, or if your patient is infected, or if death seems imminent, you need a solution now. You cannot expect scientific proof of the effectiveness of a particular treatment. Therefore, we understand that the population’s panic leads to the indiscriminate use of any suggested medication.

For now, regardless of your political party, for or against the use of chloroquine and ivermectin, nowadays we know which is fundamental in preventing any virus, it remains simple attitudes, that is, the use of masks, hygiene, healthy eating and increased production of endorphins.

Endorphins act on the bone marrow by increasing the production of cells in the immune system such as Natural Killer (NK) cells. And how does the production of endorphins increase? Having moments of pleasure daily. What do you like to do (besides sex, of course)? Like music? Gardening? Hiking? Physical exercise?

Pleasures (endorphins) activate your innate immune system making it difficult to contaminate.

Homeopathic medicines can also get the same answer. Among these, the M8, resulting from many years of research, is one of the fastest in activating the innate immune system, and consequently, also the acquired or adaptive, as they are interconnected. M8 activating innate defenses early even before viral contact, already leaves the body in balance, ready to recognize the offending agent more quickly.

Dorly de Freitas Buchi

Hoemopathy Science