Three months, three posts

We started in September. It means, we have less than four months!! In this time we reached 2,960 followers, we made more than 20 posts on the blog!
Here you can revisit the most visited ones. I link them in the page. Also, I will post link one product, one pharmacy and website you need to visit!!

Natel India

Natel India is a big company in Mumbai. They work strongly in homeopathy complexes market! They have the famous immunomodulator Ambuta Plus. It is a complex homeopathy that your read in the first blog post linke here.


Homeoterápica is a group of pharmacies in Brazil. The group has more than 25 years in the homeopathy market. With a lot of complexes developed for the immune system, allergies, and healthy balance.

British Homeopathic Associassion

They are the best ones in information, politics, regulation, papers. About all in homeopathy, they are ahead as a content generator to our discussions and fights in the homeopathy field!! Just check it.