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Despite this exemplary academic trajectory, what makes Dorly a special human being are her unique qualities: loyalty, courage, tenderness, and tenacity. Woman, mother, sister and friend, she is endowed with profound sensitivity, a conciliatory spirit and the ability to aggregate people and ideals around a greater good. Her respect for life, in all its forms, has always guided her in search of health promotion and a better life for all. And so, in its continuous overcoming of challenges, guided by an acute scientific curiosity and its non-conformity with the paradigms and limitations of traditional medicine, in an untiring spirit and an unwavering purpose of serving collective interests, firmly carried out research based on highly diluted drugs and complex biological response modifiers. A significant part of the results of his efforts and his holistic view is presented in this book which, as an author, proposes to contribute to life, health and the construction of happiness for all.

The presence of the unexpected in my life!

Dra. Dorly de Freitas Buchi, the renowned Brazilian researcher, holds a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (Biophysics) from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. His solid academic background is reflected in the publication of several scientific articles in the field of Cell Biology. Professor, for more than 40 years at the Federal University of Paraná, she combines extensive experience in higher education, both in undergraduate and graduate courses, and effective contributions in the sphere of the university administration. Its orientation activities are remarkable, from scientific initiation to doctorate, having promoted the training of a large number of young scientists.

Homeopathy was introduced in Brazil by a French disciple of Hahnemann, Benoit-Jules Mure, who arrived here in 1840. His first disciple in Brazil was the Portuguese physician João Vicente Martins who propagated Homeopathy in the north and northeast of Brazil. Homeopathy rapidly spread in Brazil and in the late nineteenth century was embraced by the Brazilian positivist movement through its adherents of the Military Engineering Institute in Rio de Janeiro. This resulted in great official support from the Republican government for Homeopathy, recognizing its teaching and practice and creating wards at the Army’s Central Hospital and the Hospital da Marinha. Homeopathy in Brazil maintains its strength and growth until the end of the 1920s, when its decline slowly begins, perhaps due to the advent of the era of chemical therapy in medicine, for the appearance of therapeutic weapons such as sulfas in the beginning and the antibiotics later.

In the last century, wishing to definitively legalize the situation of the Homeopathic School of Brazil, the Federal Council of Medicine, the official body of Brazilian Medicine, recognized Homeopathy as a medical specialty by Ordinance No. 1000 of 1980, when it ceased to be considered alternative therapy, to become, as in other countries, an official therapeutic form. Also in 1988, the Brazilian Homeopathic Medical Association was granted a seat in the AMB Board of Specialties and the Proof of Homeopathy Specialist certificate was established by the CFM-AMB-AMHB agreement since 1990. CFM Resolutions 1,295 / 89, 1,441 / 94, 1.634 / 02.1.659 / 03 and 1.666 / 03 confirm homeopathy as a medical specialty. In 1996 it completed 200 years of existence and is strictly a medical science, a revolution in conventional medicine and the art of healing.

Link 1 – A wonderful video about the power of homeopathy

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