Dilution and sucussion II

JOAQUIM ALVARES DE TOLEDO, doctor, in the book “Study yourself. “In order to understand the effects that homeopathy produces, the action of infinitesimal doses is compared with an effect that everyone knows, from the perspective of homeopathy. transformation of water from liquid to vapor. We assume a single drop of water. A single drop of water is nothing. But let’s close this drop of water inside a sphere of thick metal walls. Now, we put this sphere in the fire, so that the water drop can be transformed into vapor. Let’s continue with this sphere in the fire, so that the vapor formed by the drop of water, divides into smaller particles of vapor. It would follow in this way until, by the prolonged action of the fire, that sphere would burst into several pieces. The force that acquires the drop of water transformed into vapor is similar to the dynamization and equates to homeopathy by the way of preparation of all its remedies. The strength of all internal homeopathic remedies is always in direct proportion to their greater division or dynamism. ”

LINK 1 – a simple but very didactic video about dilution and succussion, in this video, they are making it.

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